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Welcome to Best Boomer Towns

You are a Baby Boomer if you were born between 1946 and 1964. You are educated, active and resourceful. You are searching for less stress and more living, you may be an empty nester, you prefer less traffic, fewer taxes and more fresh air and exciting activities! There are no rocking chairs in your future - you prefer pilates, hiking, biking, volunteering, wine club, book club, university classes, surfing the web, telecommuting, yoga, golf, tennis, walking your dog, senior dating and plenty of social activities.

Maryville, TN One of the Safest Places to Live

The City of Maryville, Tennessee ranks 9 in the list of safest places to live.

Around the World in 80 Days in Tucson

Stampeding elephants! Raging typhoons! Runaway trains! Pack your bags for the trip of a lifetime.

Reno, Nevada is a Tax Friendly State for Retirees

The Reno area is filled with walking and biking paths and have venues for cultural events like big band dances, the symphony, opera and ballet. Artists’ studios can be found in the restored Riverside Casino. Festival events are held nearly every month of the year, and a downtown skating rink adjoins the river in winter. Outside of downtown, the community centers and parks decorate the river.

Pinehurst Village, NC Events, Festivals and News

There are many wonderful events and festivals taking place year round in the Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and Aberdeen area. In addition to the numerous golfing opportunities that Pinehurst is so famous for, there are many other things to see and do. There are concerts, theatrical performances, equestrian events, street festivals, and antiques fairs hosted in the area year round.

Reno/Tahoe Senior Winter Games February 3 - 14, 2014

Winter is on the horizon and the 2nd annual winter games are quickly approaching. Come with a competitive spirit and a winning attitude because gold is the goal! If you are 50 plus and have a competitive spirit then this year’s Winter Senior Games is for you! Medals awarded in age brackets for most sports. 

The Villages in Florida Have Events 364 Days a Year and over 1400 Clubs!

The Villages Events
• DJ John DiMercurio ~ Enjoy Line Dancing with this Energetic DJ
• Early Entertainment with Kathleen Kane and Mary Jo Vitale
• Buffett & Beach Boys Weekend
• Gypsy presented by The Villages Musical Company ~ A Villages Resident Council Performance Group
• Friday Polo ~ General Admission
• Ballroom Dance with The Newton’s
• Rocky & the Rollers
• Brotherly Love featuring Norman Lee, Oscar Feliu and “For His Glory” Gospel Quartet to benefit Love Inc.
• Rocky & the Rollers

Fort Collins, Colorado Top Ranked by Money Magazine, a Best Boomer Town

Money Magazine named Fort Collins the best place to live in the U.S. Now check out why Fort Collins is one of the best places to live in Colorado! Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Collins is home to fabulous recreation, many cultural attractions, a vibrant nightlife, and family fun!

Prescott Top Places to Retire - Talking Rock Ranch Top 50 Planned Communities

Talking Rock Ranch Named 1 of 50 Best Master-Planned Communities by places to retire in Arizona Where to Retire, a magazine profiling top retirement destinations in the United States, released its list of “50 Best Master-Planned Communities in the United States” and Talking Rock Ranch was among those recognized for being a retirement community with friendly neighbors and amenities to keep residents’ minds and bodies active.

Dream of Owning a Home in Athens, Georgia Area?

Are you moving to the “Classic City” and need to purchase a new home? Are you interested in selling your current home in the Greater Athens Georgia area? How about purchasing an investment real estate near the University of Georgia?

Fort Collins Spring Canyon Community Park

If you haven’t visited the brand new Spring Canyon Community Park in Fort Collins then you are missing out.  The 100-acre park is loaded with facilities including the largest playground I have ever seen…I mean it is breathtaking when you first see it.  If you have kids then this is a must see park and I’ll guarantee it will become their favorite place to go.

Charlottesville, VA Spring and Summer Events

Looking for your future Best Boomer Town? Charlottesville, VA offers something for everyone, good weather, cultural events and inviting community. Here is a calendar to plan your trip.

Funny Money in Bend, Oregon

About “Funny Money”:  On his train ride home from work, Henry A. Perkins, a mild mannered C.P.A, accidentally picks up a briefcase full of money. Be

January 2014 Winter Storm Hercules Delivers Cold and Snow

Winter Storm Hercules delivered a large path of snow from the Midwest to the Great Lakes and Northeast during the first few days of 2014. Michigan and Indiana both received over 12 inches of snow while Vermont and Massachusetts received over 20 inches each by evening of January 3.

Columbia, MO University of Missouri Tigers Win the 2014 AT&T Cotton Bowl!

The Tigers Henry Josey runs 92 yards and makes 3 touchdowns to lift University of Missouri Tigers over Oklahoma State Cowboys 41-31. Number 8 ranked Missouri beat number 12 ranked rival Oklahoma State for the AT&T Cotton Bowl win!

Del Webb 2013 Baby Boomer Survey

The 2013 survey is consistent with the trends Del Webb is experiencing as Baby Boomers ages 49-66 continue to indicate they are more comfortable with the housing market and their overall financial position.

Baby Boomers Make Terrific Entrepreneurs

Baby Boomer entrepreneurs are resilient leaders, can leverage their reputation, draw from experience and know how to respond.

Baby Boomer Flight - New York

It’s “Boomer flight” says AARP – Baby Boomers leaving New York City en masse, carrying with them tens of billions in retirement dollars and lost money to the local economy every year. An AARP survey of New York City’s voters 50+ in November found more than half of Baby Boomers (50-64 year olds) said they plan to leave the city when they retire.

Art Treasures and Museums In and Around Prescott, Arizona

This book is a wonderful guide to both well-known and less popular points of interest in the Prescott area. The historical detail has obviously been well researched and is very fascinating, making the book an invaluable, must-have companion. The accompanying photographic documentation is also very complete.

The Ultimate Guide to Asheville & The Western North Carolina Mountains, 3rd Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Asheville & The Western North Carolina Mountains, 3rd Edition

All in all, it is a unique and valuable resource for promoting our mountain paradise.—Asheville Citizen Times

The Ultimate Guide is thoroughly researched, organized for easy use, and illustrated with many of Pantas own gorgeous pen and ink drawings.—Hendersonville Times-News

How to Love Your Retirement

How to Love Your Retirement

How to Love Your Retirement shows the baby-boom generation how to plan for, and succeed at, this stage of life, whether relaxation, travel, education, or even a new occupation is the goal. Packed with helpful, entertaining stories and real-life advice from hundreds of retirees who are making the most of their post-work lives, this honest and useful guide covers such topics as how to pick the best time to retire; learning to live with a spouse 24/7; staying fit; starting fresh in business, love, and family; traveling; going back to school; and more.

The New Retirement

The New Retirement

In ‘The New Retirement’, global economic strategist Sherry Cooper explains that the boomer generation will be reaching traditional retirement age very soon and the enormous wave of boomer retirees will crest in 2025. This phenomenon will profoundly affect the labour markets, the economy, and financial markets for decades. But will boomers retire the way their parents did? Will they work longer and transition gradually into semi-retirement?

The New Professional Person’s Retirement Lifestyle

The New Professional Person’s Retirement Lifestyle

Are you among the millions of inspired professional people who are contemplating retirement? Perhaps you are already retired. A significant issue that you will have to deal with is what to do with all of that time.

Without a doubt, retirement today does not resemble our parentsí retirement. We are living longer, more active lives. For most retired professionals, playing bingo and going to the local lodge may not be a vision for the future.

Retired with Husband: Superwoman’s New Challenge

Retired with Husband: Superwoman’s New Challenge

Witty, optimistic blueprint for the first-wave boomer Superwoman to ensure a successful second adulthood for both herself and her husband, also nearing retirement. Full of references to the first-wave boomer experience (sixties through today), the book borrows from corporate reengineering strategy to guide the couple with a vision statement, goals, and objectives that speak to them. Author is a Superwoman herself and makes that psyche transparent in the book, writing from her experience.