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Baby boomers’ Rite of Passage: Downsizing

If my house had a voice, surely it would chronicle the long and sometimes haphazard passage of a woman who has come into her own. Finally, and with a healthy measure of both grief and joy.

We are downsizing. Actually, I like to think of it as right sizing, making a move for all the obvious and logical reasons. The children are gone, launched, as they say these days, to their own homes or off to college. The space I once needed for five kids and their four-legged pets now feels empty and wasteful. Time to move on, to chart new courses and make new memories.

Downsizing, I must remind myself again and again, is just another rite of passage, not unlike going off to college or buying your first home. Downsizing is what we all do as we grow older, as we shift from accumulating stuff to focusing on memories and experiences. Still ... still.

And in the being there, in the soaking it in, I draw comfort from knowing that nothing, not distance or years, not even other occupants, can erase what I've already lived. What will always be mine.

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