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Don’t be the office dinosaur: Advance your skills and survive - or dino, you might become extinct

Linda DiCicco is 53 going on 20.

She works at a computer store, where many of her customers are half her age, and so are her co-workers.

As they move into the latter stages of their careers, baby boomers are discovering that the norms that applied to previous generations no longer hold sway.

As a result, older workers can end up feeling like the office dinosaur: outdated, irrelevant and obsolete.

Instead of lamenting that things aren't like they used to be, older workers should embrace the changes, Love said.

Stereotypes are one of the biggest hurdles faced by older workers, but not just the labels assigned to them by younger workers; the bigger danger is that older workers buy into typecasting and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mental acuity changes as people age, but not always for the worse, he said. On the contrary, some of the changes are for the better.

Experience still has a place in the workplace.

"The greatest gift an employee can bring to the table is experience and knowledge," Love said. "I'd much rather hire someone who is self-sufficient than someone who needs a lot of training."

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