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Home Can Be Where the Help Is

More must be done to get critical services to seniors who want to stay in their homes.

Responding to the needs of an aging population will be one of the most complex public policy challenges facing our nation in the 21st century. A successful response will require innovative approaches that bring together the best thinking from a variety of different fields and disciplines. A critical element of any strategy must be more effective use of housing as a platform for the delivery of health care and other services.

Surveys show that the overwhelming number of seniors will seek to "age in place" in their existing homes and communities. Understandably, as they age, most Americans want to live close to friends and family and continue to enjoy the personal connections that have enriched their lives.

As members of the newly-established Bipartisan Policy Center Health and Housing Task Force, we hope to shine a spotlight on the success stories as well as promote a comprehensive national approach to the aging-in-place challenge. Few issues are as relatable to Americans regardless of political affiliation, so we are confident that developing effective solutions will enjoy broad bipartisan support. It is time to get started.

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