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Ten Best Baby Boomer Websites to Visit

By Nancy Shonka Padberg and Martin Diano

There are literally thousands of web sites, blogs and social networks devoted to Baby Boomers. Some great, others good and some that are, well, how shall we say, average. We wanted to create the list of best baby boomer websites, but our list would be too long, tune in next month for the rese of our favorites!

"Ten Websites Baby Boomers Should Visit" is a new monthly column that will appear on several syndicated Boomer-centric high-value content sites.
Our objective is to provide Baby Boomers with the broadest variety of expertise, opinion and unique perspective offered on the Internet. Each month we will feature ten distinctively different web destinations together with our point of view with regard to why they have been chosen.

Here's our Ten Best Baby Boomer Websites this Month:
Silver Planet is the trusted senior resource for the new view on aging. Senior resources on aging, health, finance, living, retirement, and scam prevention are designed for baby boomers and 55-plus seniors. Launched in April 2008, comprises a content-rich environment with a unique social community. is designed to empower individuals over the age of 55 (and their families), enabling them to be better informed and to make better decisions about issues of concern to the aging population, such as eldercare services, elder law, financial and health issues, scams, and living arrangements. is the place for today's new generation of active, involved grandparents to find everything they need to get more fun, more smiles, and more memories out of the time they spend with their grandchildren. With thousands of great kid-friendly places and activities, toy and gift reviews and recommendations, deals and discounts, original video content, expert advice on relationships, personal finance, gift buying and more, has something for everyone who loves grand parenting.
Grandparents can also sign up for our free weekly newsletter, with featured activities, gift ideas, expert articles, and deals. is headquartered in New York City.

The National Association of Baby Boomer Women
NABBW is the only association devoted to addressing issues concerning 38 million of the healthiest, wealthiest, and best educated generation of women to ever hit midlife, baby boomer women.

At Vibrant Nation, we support women who exchange information with the people who can help them make the most of life every day: other women like them.
We hope you'll use Vibrant Nation to connect with other women who have learned by experience which resources, brands, and experts actually support the needs and interests of women like them -- and women like you.
At Vibrant Nation, you can ask and answer questions, share (and find) recommendations, and join in smart conversation with other accomplished women. We also offer blogs about a women's life after 50, guest contributors, and the chance to ask experts about issues you care about most.
We hope you will celebrate this wonderful time of life with us.
GRAND Magazine provides an inspirational resource for today's active grandparents. GRAND reaches the hippest, best educated, healthiest and wealthiest generation of grandparents in American history. GRAND's unique editorial focus provides a positive environment to enhance brand relevance to this target market. GRAND provides visitors an opportunity to share pictures of their grandchildren, send GRANDbaby announcements and share stories. GRAND invites its visitors to join a community of like-minded grandparents to explore the joys and challenges of being a grandparent.
Boomers Abroad is the One Stop Shop portal and social network for baby boomers looking forward to travel abroad, live abroad, retire abroad, and of course also for those already living abroad. Boomers Abroad is the connector between those that want to live abroad and those that already live abroad. So the members of the Community that are looking forward to live abroad can ask questions to those that journeyed ahead of them. In this interactive and fun manner Baby Boomers can find information that no portal will be able to offer. You can compare countries and cities within a country and neighborhoods within a City., a subsidiary of The National Center for Baby Boomers, Inc., is a unique and innovative web site whose goal is to meet the needs and interests of active and creative Baby Boomers. provides educational and informative content, products, services and community forums where like-minded individuals can learn and share. The vision is to redefine the mental model of aging from one of limitation to one of rich and rewarding possibilities. They strongly support the concept of lifelong learning, personal mastery, and self-fulfillment.
This site is designed to report on news, golf courses, travel, equipment, instruction, health, apparel, real estate, and yes, even pro tour issues, in a fashion that will make the game more enjoyable for Baby Boomers (although Boomer wannabes are welcome to visit these pages as well). There is no typical Baby Boomer. This site caters to those still raising children who share their enthusiasm for the game and are frequent members of their foursomes. Others have sent children off to college or the job market and find tuition and rent subsidies take a good-sized bite out of our golf budget. Still others, traveling as a couple or part of a group, find golf to be the focal point of their vacations or weekend activities.
The 21 Best Boomer Towns* in the U.S. are listed here. Its for those of you... searching for less stress and more living, you may be an empty nester, you prefer less traffic, fewer taxes and more fresh air and exciting activities! There are no rocking chairs in your future - you prefer pilates, hiking, biking, volunteering, wine club, book club, university classes, surfing the web, telecommuting, yoga, golf, tennis, walking your dog and plenty of social activities. . The 21 U.S. towns have the following key criteria: excellent health care, university, airport access, fine dining, low crime, cultural activities, beautiful weather, active lifestyle, average cost of living and a range of home sizes and prices. Relevant boomer information to help you make your decision. Spend some time on the site, look at the book section from, read blog entries and subscribe to the newsletter. Best Boomer Towns helps plan the best rest of your life.
Baby Boomer Knowledge Center* - Knowledge [ba²se]TM is a custom search engine that offers users a custom-tailored "boomer search experience." Built using Google's core search engine technology, Knowledge [ba²se]TM prioritizes search results based on blogs, websites and pages that are relevant to the baby boomer generation.


*Best Boomer Towns is owned by Nancy Shonka Padberg and Baby Boomer Knowledge Center is owned by Martin Diano.

About Nancy Padberg - CEO Navigate Boomer Media
Nancy is a former Fortune 500 executive with 18 years experience of building and managing media companies. Expertise in increasing revenue leading to profitability, strategic alliances, acquisitions, creating healthy cultures and establishing long-term relationships. Prior to Navigate Boomer Media Nancy's areas of responsibilities consistently increased revenues by double digits while at The Los Angeles Times, Adlink, The Phelps Group and Best Boomer Towns. Nancy has served on several non-profit children's boards and is avidly involved with Pepperdine's Alumni Leadership Counsel. Nancy is a graduate of Iowa State University, was a Big 12 collegiate golfer and earned her MBA from GSBM, Pepperdine University. Nancy is also publisher of Best Boomer Towns.

About Martin Diano - Founder Boomer AuthorityTM
Martin is a thought leader in helping Baby Boomers use social media to find, access, and consume high-value content. He is Creator and Founder of Boomer AuthorityTM and Publisher of the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]TM. He is a veteran of international business, held senior staff positions at Eaton Corporation, Thunderbird - The American Graduate of International Management and the National Institute for World Trade. He is Managing Partner of the social media and public relations consultancy Martin Diano Agency LLC. A native of New York, he has a BS in Business from City College of New York and lives with his wife of 40-years, Annette, in Arizona and New York.



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