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Transplanting Into Non Scalp Regions

The refinements in today's hair-transplantation techniques have not only significantly improved the results of surgical hair restoration; they have also extended the ability to transplant hair to non-scalp areas. Dr. Powell uses follicular-unit grafting which can restore natural-appearing hair growth to such areas as the eyebrows, chest, beard, mustache, and sideburn areas.

The absence of hair is, for most patients, inherited. Other causes include alopecic scarring from trauma, or bad acne and patchy or complete alopecia from laser hair removal. Even in the presence of scarring, hair growth is extremely reliable, reaching the 90%-plus rate seen with the scalp. Every individual has his or her own concept of sexual identity and attractiveness, and, for some, the lack of hair in certain body areas can cause insecurity and unhappiness.

For most patients, the most important area of the face is the goatee. This area helps to define the mouth and serves as the framework for a masculine appearance. Even for patients who do not anticipate growing a beard, the ability to sport a thick 5-o'clock shadow in the goatee or the entire beard is very desirable. In order to complete some procedures like brow-lifts or face-lifts the hairline has to be enacted to hide the incisions. For most women they desire the heart shaped face. Female hairlines tend to be straighter across and a little lower than a male.

The transplanted hairs are not affected by DHT (the hormone that causes hair loss) and are permanent. The number of grafts transplanted depends upon the patient's goals, the indication for the procedure, and the existing amounts of hair. Typically, these procedures range from 50 grafts (for areas of scarring) to as many as 2,200 grafts or more.

To learn more about products that may help to slow or stop your hair loss, contact PMHR to schedule a free consultation. We will discuss your situation and determine the best hair loss solution for you!


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