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What’s Next Boomer Business Summit? March 19, 2010 Chicago

LAFAYETTE, Calif. - (January 6, 2010) - Mary Furlong &
Associates, the nation's premier consultancy for marketing
and business development strategies for the 50+ market,
will kick off the 7th Annual What's Next Boomer Business
Summit with eight "Ask the Analyst" sessions. Top analysts
from industries such as health care, technology, automobile

design, and healthy and sustainable living will share the latest market research on what's driving boomer purchasing behavior now.

"The goal of these sessions is to provide business leaders
with the keys to successfully reaching today's baby boomer
customer and expose them to major trends that are shaping
growth in the boomer, senior, and care giver markets," said Dr. Mary Furlong, chief executive officer of Mary Furlong & Associates.

"Our analysts will discuss where the growth is happening, which companies are already in the marketplace, and where boomers are going online for research and buying guidance. With over 90% of the net assets in the hands of the 40 + consumer, it is important to learn from the data of the top analysts who follow the trends of this large and lucrative cohort. Every institution and business will be shaped by their size and power."

Market research firms help both buyers and sellers of
products and services make sense of the structure
and categorization of vendor product and service markets.
Without this information, both vendors and buyers would struggle to make smart product development and buying decisions. "Ask the Analyst" sessions will feature the following researchers and topics:

* Liz Boehm, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research - will
share the latest on health care industry customer experience trends and share her forecast for the technologies and medical devices that will see the greatest adoption a mong boomers and seniors in the coming years.

* Steve French, Managing Partner, Natural Marketing
Institute - will focus on where the action is in the
$515 billion healthy and sustainable living industry
and will discuss which categories within this industry
are most important to boomers and why, which trends are
shaping new product development, and which companies are
entering the market now.

* Jody Holtzman, Senior Vice President, Research and
Strategic Analysis, AARP - will share the latest insight
into what is going on in the hearts and minds of boomers
right now. He will discuss the changes in lifestyle and
consumption patterns of the last two years and what messagesare resonating most with boomer consumers today.

* Michelle Krebs, Senior Analyst & Editor-at-Large, - will provide a glimpse into the future of
automotive design as it adapts to handle the needs of
aging drivers. The auto industry is designing, marketing,
and positioning cars to tap into its growing boomer customer base.

* Greg O'Neill, Director, National Academy on an Aging
Society - will provide insight into demographics of the
marketplace. He will also discuss the trends over the next
ten years regarding growth regions and discuss the
minds and motivations of the midlife boomer and beyond

* Laurie Orlov, Founder, Aging in Place Technology Watch -
will outline the categories of the aging in place technology market; pinpoint which categories are driving the most activity; and highlight the exciting potential of several recent innovations in remote monitoring, tools for caregivers, personal emergency response systems, and more. She will also highlight which venture firms are investing in this marketplace.

* Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Research Center's Internet &
American Life Project - will update on where boomers go
and what they do online; what information, relationships
and benefits they seek from web sites, social networking sites and other social media; and which medium - email, text messaging or Facebook - is most popular among diverse segments of the population. He will also share the latest findings about mobile web and iPhone application usage among consumers age 50+ in the future.

Registration, agenda details and other conference informationis available online at

The What's Next Boomer Business Summit, to be held on
March 19, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, is an officialpost-conference of the NCOA-ASA National Aging in America Conference taking place March 15-19 in Chicago. For more information, visit

About Mary Furlong & Associates

Founded in 2003, Mary Furlong & Associates (MFA)
is a proven team of business innovators, comprised of
talent from marketing, editorial, business, online
content and community. Mary Furlong, Ed.D., the firm's
founder and CEO, has guided the offline and online 40+
market strategies of leading corporations and nonprofit
organizations for more than 20 years.

Furlong is the Dean's Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business, and previously founded SeniorNet and ThirdAge Media. Her latest book, Turning Silver into Gold: How to Profit in the New Boomer Marketplace, was published in February 2007. More information is available at

Navigate Boomer Media is a proud sponsor of What's Next Boomer Summit?.


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