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Dr. Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Named by Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the country’s top relationship experts, award winning psychotherapist, syndicated columnist and radio host, Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized counselor, author and speaker. He has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CBS News, NBC News, Beauty and The Geek and The Greg Behrendt Show. In addition, numerous radio shows and national magazines have interviewed him. Most recently, Dr. Goldsmith served as the national spokesperson for the Mars Candy My M&M’s Treasured Moments Challenge.

Since 2002, his weekly column, Emotional Fitness, which is syndicated by Scripps-Howard News Service, runs in The Ventura County Star, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Orange County Register, The Detroit News, The Cincinnati Post, The San Diego Union-Tribune and over 150 other newspapers giving him a readership in the millions. In addition, his popular monthly business column has appeared in over 200 other publications. Dr. Goldsmith also hosts a weekly radio show on the most award-winning station in Southern California, KCLU/NPR, with 80,000 listeners in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara.

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10 Tips to Balance Work and Life

10 Tips to Balance Work and Life

Many people put work before family and relationships. At times, doing this may be a necessity. If the wolf is at the door, itís understandable. But if you find that work has become your entire life, here are some tips to help you find your balance again.

1. If work occupies most of your thoughts, you’ve got your priorities messed up. Start by telling yourself that family comes first. Then do something to start making things up to them. It can be as simple as coming home early one night a week.

2. Write important dates (birthdays, anniversary, and so on) in your calendar and transfer them at the end of the year when you get a new one. If you use an electronic device, keep a hard copy backup.

3. There are times when you need to focus on yourself. If it’s not a terrorist attack, you owe yourself at least ten minutes of peace every day. Just meditate or stare out the window.

4. When you come home, leave your Blackberry in your car, so you can keep your attention where it belongs. If this creates too much anxiety for you, it’s a sign you’re life is not in balance.

5. Leave your work at the office, and unless it’s a true emergency, don’t take business calls at home. At the very least, turn off the ringer when you retire for the evening.

6. The Internet can be addictive and will eat up precious minutes if you let it. Spend the free time you have with real people who love you, not with some online stranger who might help you make some more money.

7. Make sure you dedicate as much time to your relationship as you do to your job. This can be done over time. If you travel a lot, try taking your mate along whenever possible.

8. Your loved ones know where your priorities are. Do everything you can to let them see that they are your first choice. Whenever you take a day off to be with family, it will pay you back tenfold.

9. Talking about your relationship is the most important tool you have to keep it on a positive track. Make sure you check in with the one you love at least once a week and talk about how your life together is going.

10. If you have the luxury of a paid vacation, use it this year. Things change quickly, and you need to make the most of what you’ve earned. The average American worker doesn’t use all of their vacation time.

You owe it to yourself and your family to create a balance between what you do and whom you love.



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