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Deena Russo

Deena Russo is a certified personal trainer and body-sculpting specialist in Los Angeles. Her clientele are men and women of all ages from high school students to senior citizens.  She has experience with prenatal and postnatal exercise techniques and encourages women to stay fit during and after pregnancy. She has been involved in the fitness industry in New York and Los Angeles for the past 14 years.

Her New York experience as an aerobics instructor and private trainer includes training groups at Nassau College on Long Island as well as many fitness establishments in the tri-state area.  Deena has trained with fitness experts in many fields of fitness including core training, flexibility and balance, bodybuilding, and yoga.

She currently resides in West Los Angeles, CA   and is training at a variety of locations including private homes and gyms. She enjoys occasionally taking clients on an outdoor excursion where aerobic activity is mixed with resistance training for body sculpting.

Deena works together with chiropractors and holistic doctors for clients that have special rehabilitation needs and limitations. She has recently trained clients for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego.

Her career in fitness began as a talk show host for a New York based television health show entitled “Creative Wellness. The show covered such topics as exercise, nutrition, self-empowerment and holistic healing. She has worked as a self-esteem coach and has led guided meditation and goal setting groups.

If it’s a trainer who genuinely cares about people and motivates her clients to push past their comfort zones and become leaner, stronger, healthier and more self confident, it’s Deena you want. or 310-948-2364 Santa Monica

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A Baby Boomer’s Balanced Approach to Life

Wouldn't it be great to have enough time for everything that is important to you?

If you drew a circle on a piece of paper, how would you divide it up? Try this for fun.

Cut the circle in 4 pieces as if you were slicing a pie. Now label one slice family. Label one work; label another play/recreation and then the final slice self-improvement. Under the family category jot down what you'd like to spend more time doing with your family. For the work category write your aspirations to improve your business. Next write down your goals for play and recreation. When you get to self-improvement, write down what you would like to accomplish in this area.

Now look at your pie. Where are you putting most of your time and where are you putting the least?

When we are out of balance in any area, this affects everything in our lives. Now take a new piece of paper and write down more specific sub categories. For example write under Family a) more communication with loved ones b) more get together and fun plans such as a beach day together or a trip somewhere new. You can do the same with the other categories. This gives you a chance to introspect and see what is truly important to you. Work is important of course. We all need to make a living.

A truly happy person knows how to balance work with play and family time with time for oneself to feed the body, mind and soul.

So now that we are speaking of body, mind and soul, let's discuss the self-improvement category for a moment. When we use our bodies and exercise our muscles, the body stays strong and is our vehicle to do and be and live in this world. When we abuse it, we don't have the cooperation of our body and it can make everyday functional things a burden. So that being said, take care of your body. This is especially true for baby boomers because as we get older, we need to keep our body vibrant and strong to slow down the aging process, keep healthy, and to have a better quality of life.

The mind also needs to be exercised or this too w ill get weaker and slow down. I have a 96 year old grandmother, Dorothy who is a smart, sassy woman with a great mind. She remembers things from way back in the day when she was a small girl to the stories of all of her 5 children growing up in Harlem, NY. Her secret is that she does cross word puzzles, which keep her mind sharp. Learning an instrument or a language can be a fun way to use your mind and work those thinking muscles.

Last but certainly not least is the exercise for your soul. Regardless of what religious beliefs you may have, the fact is that we are souls living in these bodies, which are our temples for the soul. It helps so many people to read inspirational books or listen to relaxation/meditation tapes to quiet the mind and go within. There is a way to contact your peaceful side and feel oneness with all of nature. One sure way is meditation. Once you connect with this peaceful side of your soul you will bring that peace everywhere you go and your life experience as well as the experience others will have in your presence will be a positive one. Less stress creates a better world for everyone. Find your balance. Find your peace.


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