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Nancy Shonka Padberg

Ms. Padberg is a former Fortune 500 Times Mirror executive, Integrated Marketing Communications Vice President and MBA graduate from the Graziadio School of Business & Management at Pepperdine University. Ms. Padberg has over 17 years of publishing and marketing expertise, served on several boards, is a guest speaker, published author, former Big 12 golfer and resides in Santa Monica.

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Baby Boomers An Important Force Driving Health Care Reform

One of the defining features of the boomer generation is that there are so many of them. According to Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine, the generation comprises 75 million Americans, and they are rapidly reaching retirement age at a rate of roughly 3 million every year.

Long-term illnesses can be expensive in terms of money, resources and personnel hours. Additionally, as more and more seniors hit 65 and become eligible for Medicare, the government-funded health care system may find itself having to rethink issues of funding, reimbursement and coverage.

In order to adequately meet the challenge of the growing number of boomers requiring long-term care for chronic conditions, reform to how things like health care are handled is necessary.

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