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Nancy Shonka Padberg

Ms. Padberg is a former Fortune 500 Times Mirror executive, Integrated Marketing Communications Vice President and MBA graduate from the Graziadio School of Business & Management at Pepperdine University. Ms. Padberg has over 17 years of publishing and marketing expertise, served on several boards, is a guest speaker, published author, former Big 12 golfer and resides in Santa Monica.

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Baby Boomers have Seattle on Their Minds According to Fortune Magazine

Boomers like Seattle because - despite its size, Seattle maintains a small-town feel; the city is a collection of neighborhoods with strong identities. Much of the city is populated by Craftsman-style homes from the 1920s on tree-lined streets, but during the housing boom, developers overbuilt downtown, so now there’s quite a few condos.  That means there are deals to be had. On the islands in Puget Sound and in nearby suburbs, developers like the Cottage Co. have been putting up what they call “pocket neighborhoods” — small enclaves of 18 or 20 homes, with front porches facing each other across a commons to foster socializing. Also note, great healthcare, culture and community.

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