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Nancy Shonka Padberg

Ms. Padberg is a former Fortune 500 Times Mirror executive, Integrated Marketing Communications Vice President and MBA graduate from the Graziadio School of Business & Management at Pepperdine University. Ms. Padberg has over 17 years of publishing and marketing expertise, served on several boards, is a guest speaker, published author, former Big 12 golfer and resides in Santa Monica.

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California Personal Income Tax Information

Personal income tax

* California collects income tax from its residents at the following rates.

For single and married filing separately taxpayers:

1.25 percent on the first $7,060 of taxable income

2.25 percent on taxable income between $7,061 and $16,739

4.25 percent on taxable income between $16,740 and $26,419

6.25 percent on taxable income between $26,420 and $36,675

8.25 percent on taxable income between $36,676 and $46,349

9.55 percent on taxable income of $46,350 and above

* A 1 percent surcharge, the Mental Health Services Tax, is collected on taxable incomes of $1 million or more, making California's highest marginal rate 10.55 percent.

* For married persons filing joint returns and heads of households, the rates remain the same but the income brackets are doubled.

* Residents must complete returns on Form 540EZ, Form 540A (short form), Form 540 (long form) or Form 540-ADS by April 15. When that date falls on a weekend or holiday, filers get until the next business day to submit their state returns.

* You might be able to file your California return electronically at no cost using CalFile if you meet the program's eligibility requirements.

* With Ready Return, eligible California taxpayers can view a pre-filled state tax return, update it if needed and e-file it directly with the state, all at no cost.


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