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Adeline Ashley

Los Angeles native Adeline Ashley is founder and president of a new website With over 15 years experience in the gourmet foods, corporate gifts, catering and event planning industries, she has become an expert in providing creative gifts and event planning ideas. Special artistic care goes into creating extraordinary celebrations and fabulous gifts to deliver that extra “WOW” factor—hence, she has a long list of celebrity and corporate clients from Oprah to Aerosmith and Boeing to Warner Bros.

Adeline’s business background along with a passion for entertaining was a natural transition for her to create Clever Parties. Through recent planning of party events, both personally and professionally, she saw an opportunity to develop a unique online resource for planning, sharing, and creating clever parties and events. She wanted to build a site that was cool, fun and easy to use with helpful tools and social networking capabilities.

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Clever Parties for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer Party Themes

Under Constuction

Western Theme

50th Birthday



Casino Night

Fifties Theme

Champagne, Chocolate & Strawberries

New and different themes for boomers, because believe me this is not your grandparents birthday party, divorce party or cocktail party. Boomers just love to have fun!


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