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Helga Hayse

Helga Hayse educates people on the role that money plays in family relationships. Her latest book Money, Love & Legacy: Conversations That Matter Between Generations is about the urgency for adult children and their parents to open the intergenerational dialogue they need to have about financial, legal, emotional, medical and end-of-life issues before it’s too late. She recounts her personal experience with transforming the pain of her own unfinished business into regenerative legacy between herself and her parents.

Her previous book “Don’t Worry about a Thing, Dear” - Why Women Need Financial Intimacy helps women understand why education about marital finances is vital for their protection if marriage ends.

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“Don’t Leave Home Without It.” Tips to Keep You Safe from the Raised Eyebrow Group

To this day the authorities are looking for whoever absconded with my Labium Superius and Inferius. But I don't lock up without rounding up what is left of my lips and glossing them over.

Tip 1A: Always carry a small compact mirror with you. Nothing says "you remind me of your mother's maiden aunt" more than lipstick all over your teeth.

Laurie: Tip #2. There are so many things that are a natural part of my huge Vera Bradley purse, but if I had to pick one of the many essentials first, I think it would be Band-Aids. Yep, regular ole Band-Aids. In New York City, Land of Walk Everywhere, you never know when an old and trusted shoe is going to turn on you. Breezing down the sidewalk dodging tourists and potholes, suddenly you feel the beginning of a blister on your exhausted foot. Whip out that Band-Aid, slap it on the painful puffy foot skin, and keep easing on down the avenue.

elizabeth: Tip #3: Before leaving for work, a class, an errand or anything that just might be causing you some aggravation - take a few deep breaths. Get centered. Pet your dog. Feed your fish. Drink some milk out of your cat's bowl (make sure Fluffy is out of the room). Do anything to find some inner peace. Because the person you might be honking at to move into oncoming traffic could be me. And you don't know what ugly scary is until you try to try my patience.

Laurie: Tip #4. If you are crazy enough to actually try to drive in New York City traffic, never leave home without a roll of quarters. Yes, they make a lovely weapon of self-defense but that's not the reason I am telling you to throw them in your purse or car. After you have driven around for 45 minutes, you finally find a parking space. You will probably have to take a taxi to your destination but it's a parking space. You make the dreaded parallel parking attempts five or six times and finally get your car situated, and then you realize that you don't have quarter for the parking meter. Serious crimes have been committed in the name of a quarter.

elizabeth: Tip #5 Your parents may think that you are the center of their universe, but, trust me, and I mean this in the nicest way, you are not the center of ours. We don't need to hear a minute-to-minute account of your work day or your sex life or lack of. We got our own "Lacks ofs" list to keep us busy for a decade or two. Please don't burden us with yours. Try to make your phone calls at home. I know. That sounds like corporal punishment. If you must use your cell phone in public, please remember to use your inside voice. Or how about that inner voice that is telling you that no one needs to know the intimate details of your life? Listen to it. We'll read all the gory details of a day in your life when your memoir comes out. For now just sit down, open up a book, put on some lipstick and remain silent. Anything you say may be held against you.

Laurie: Tip #6. Always pack a sense of humor. You're going to need it when you discover that you have lipstick on your teeth, a blister on your foot, no quarters in your purse, and a bunch of people yelling on their cell phones.


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