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Ms. Shonka graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with BA in Public Relations and Marketing in 2007. She brings research and communication expertise to this exciting new website. Sarah’s public relations and online marketing success has been demonstrated with the launch of party planning, eCommerce and Social Network website, She is an avid traveler and resides in Los Angeles.

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First Friday Gallery Walk in Fort Collins

Pedestrian Paver Project
Take a walk on a work of art! The Pedestrian Paver project lays the groundwork for a gorgeous sidewalk stroll through Fort Collins. In addition to more than 50 public art projects already commissioned, the Art in Public Places Program is also collaborating with the City of Fort Collins Engineering Department to incorporate art into pedestrian pathways.

The Engineering Department works to provide safe pedestrian access by creating new routes as well as improving existing ones. For the Pedestrian Paver Project, local youth are asked to submit designs depicting transportation methods or life in Fort Collins.


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