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Dr. Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Named by Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the country’s top relationship experts, award winning psychotherapist, syndicated columnist and radio host, Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized counselor, author and speaker. He has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CBS News, NBC News, Beauty and The Geek and The Greg Behrendt Show. In addition, numerous radio shows and national magazines have interviewed him. Most recently, Dr. Goldsmith served as the national spokesperson for the Mars Candy My M&M’s Treasured Moments Challenge.

Since 2002, his weekly column, Emotional Fitness, which is syndicated by Scripps-Howard News Service, runs in The Ventura County Star, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Orange County Register, The Detroit News, The Cincinnati Post, The San Diego Union-Tribune and over 150 other newspapers giving him a readership in the millions. In addition, his popular monthly business column has appeared in over 200 other publications. Dr. Goldsmith also hosts a weekly radio show on the most award-winning station in Southern California, KCLU/NPR, with 80,000 listeners in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara.

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Get Enlightened… Learn More About Your Computer

While you're asking yourself these questions, adrenalin is coursing through your system, making your body feel different. From sweating to squirminess, the physical manifestation of angst is very uncomfortable and makes it
difficult to concentrate. Even if the problem is solved quickly, after going into a momentary panic, it will take you anywhere from an hour to a day to get back to your normal level of functioning. And being in a panic is not great for your general well-being.

This is where the old saying that "knowledge is power" can be very helpful. Knowing how your computer works and having the ability to dance around a program and make it do what you want it to can make you feel creative and
intelligent. Having the ability to get done what you need to do and not encounter any problems allows for greater access to the inner resources and inspiration that we all have.

The pride that comes from mastering or, if you're a techno-spazz like me, just getting the basics of a computer can be very empowering. In addition, learning something new builds brain cells and staves off Alzheimer's. You actually stimulate the growth centers of your mind and create a greater ability to figure out what you need to do next. The confidence of knowing
that you can solve a problem, even before you actually encounter it, is very freeing and allows you to push yourself without feeling pushed.

You can fly though projects like a stunt pilot, doing barrel rolls around your Excel spreadsheet, while your knowledge of Photoshop will make Ansel Adams green with envy. In addition, every time you accomplish a new task,
it gives you the opportunity to feel better about yourself.

If you invest an hour or two a week in a class, many of which are available online, you will master your program/computer of choice in short order. With that ability, you can then create and share your gifts with the

Just the social networking alone can link you up with what's going on in many different places. By Twittering here or Facebooking there, you can find old friends and make new ones. By creating a blog you can touch the
lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands (and maybe even get a book deal). Quite simply, it's an opportunity to connect with the rest of humanity.

So go get that new laptop or use your kid's old desktop, it's time to learn how to keep up with the rest of the human race.


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