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Helga Hayse

Helga Hayse educates people on the role that money plays in family relationships. Her latest book Money, Love & Legacy: Conversations That Matter Between Generations is about the urgency for adult children and their parents to open the intergenerational dialogue they need to have about financial, legal, emotional, medical and end-of-life issues before it’s too late. She recounts her personal experience with transforming the pain of her own unfinished business into regenerative legacy between herself and her parents.

Her previous book “Don’t Worry about a Thing, Dear” - Why Women Need Financial Intimacy helps women understand why education about marital finances is vital for their protection if marriage ends.

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We are granted three little wishes – Better make those six little wishes. We don’t Alway

elizabeth: I woke up with what felt like a white wine hangover. You know how you think you are spacing them and then you wake up with some guy's underwear on your head. No? Never been that way? Me either. My face will adjust to the longer nose; isn't that right, Geppetto? We got to be careful what we wish for. So I decided I needed three wishes to be granted. Some can occur in this lifetime and some can be realized in another life when all the planets line up. What the hell does that mean anyway?

Laurie: I have no idea what that means but I like this game.

elizabeth Wish #1 - It was not a lucky break but my skills as a keen observer of life, my belief that white shoes don't really cut it after Labor Day and my ability to drive conservatives berserk that I was able to take over FOX Network and change the format to all Beatles all the time. Word that Sean Hannity imploded only made the occasion all the more sweet. Glenn Beck is now the president of NOW and Bill O'Reilly is his bitch. Who says liberals don't look out for their conservative brothers? I got them both jobs, didn't I?

Laurie Wish # 1- Lesley Hornby (aka Twiggy) never happened. In 1965 there was not a waif-like girl who appeared as a model and revolutionalized the way we look at women. She didn't make bony frames with thin flesh the standard to which females ever since have held themselves accountable. Skeletal faces with large eyes and false eyelashes are not considered attractive. There is no such thing as anorexia and bulimia, size zero is a total joke, girls don't start dieting at age seven, and curves are not only allowed but enthusiastically encouraged.

elizabeth: Wish # 2 - I have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Daniel Day Lewis turned and said, "Darling, President Obama is on the phone. Wanted to be the second one to congratulate you." And then his towel dropped to the floor.

Laurie Wish # 2 - Rap music has been outlawed. If you want to present a song, you actually have to be able to sing. Wow, how radical! Rhyming words, providing your own background with grunts and mouth farts, denigrating women, and advocating violence is no longer allowed to be burned on a CD.

elizabeth: Wish #3 - We no longer worry about pictures of stars w/o makeup. Come on, you don't have an unflattering picture of yourself lurking around? I don't have a one - I have hundreds of them. Lots of "Holy crap - this could cause someone to throw up a little in their mouths" kind of pictures. So until Annie Leibovitz starts begging me to pose, no more negative critiquing allowed. Not on my watch. Well, maybe we could make fun no... no. Caught myself. For now.

Laurie Wish # 3 - Actually I love un-airbrushed photographs of celebrities. Makes them more human and allows me to stop wishing I looked like them. But I don't love them enough to waste my third wish on them. Instead I would like a wrinkle remover that doesn't involve injecting snake venom in my face, slicing and dicing skin and sewing it back on, or acid burns. Just a simple little cream that removes whatever I don't want on my face will do. And I want to be the only one who has access to this miracle youthenizer. Sharing is not all it's cracked up to be.

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