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Nancy Shonka Padberg

Ms. Padberg is a former Fortune 500 Times Mirror executive, Integrated Marketing Communications Vice President and MBA graduate from the Graziadio School of Business & Management at Pepperdine University. Ms. Padberg has over 17 years of publishing and marketing expertise, served on several boards, is a guest speaker, published author, former Big 12 golfer and resides in Santa Monica.

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How the ‘Sandwich Generation’ Can Build a Better Budget

The "sandwich generation" is more hard-pressed than ever to support both adult children and aging parents. At least 15 percent of middle-aged adults are financially supporting both aging parents and children, according to January 2013 Pew Foundation survey of 2,511 adults throughout the country. When loved ones need help now, it's easy to see how money intended for retirement gets diverted. Here are five steps to keep your own retirement on track as you help your aging parents and adult children.

Pay it forward for yourself.
Reconcile yourself to tough choices.
Survey resources.
Estimate what you'll give up for what you get.
Activate an end-of-life financial plan for your parents.

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