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Deena Russo

Deena Russo is a certified personal trainer and body-sculpting specialist in Los Angeles. Her clientele are men and women of all ages from high school students to senior citizens.  She has experience with prenatal and postnatal exercise techniques and encourages women to stay fit during and after pregnancy. She has been involved in the fitness industry in New York and Los Angeles for the past 14 years.

Her New York experience as an aerobics instructor and private trainer includes training groups at Nassau College on Long Island as well as many fitness establishments in the tri-state area.  Deena has trained with fitness experts in many fields of fitness including core training, flexibility and balance, bodybuilding, and yoga.

She currently resides in West Los Angeles, CA   and is training at a variety of locations including private homes and gyms. She enjoys occasionally taking clients on an outdoor excursion where aerobic activity is mixed with resistance training for body sculpting.

Deena works together with chiropractors and holistic doctors for clients that have special rehabilitation needs and limitations. She has recently trained clients for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego.

Her career in fitness began as a talk show host for a New York based television health show entitled “Creative Wellness. The show covered such topics as exercise, nutrition, self-empowerment and holistic healing. She has worked as a self-esteem coach and has led guided meditation and goal setting groups.

If it’s a trainer who genuinely cares about people and motivates her clients to push past their comfort zones and become leaner, stronger, healthier and more self confident, it’s Deena you want. or 310-948-2364 Santa Monica

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Use It or Lose It

Okay my baby boomer friends, let me fill you in on some important facts.  If you want to age gracefully and have energy, stamina and good health then start working out.  Now I don’t mean just a casual walk around the block.  Although I encourage you to get out and walk, the main thing to be concerned about is a decrease in bone density and muscle loss.  Now the fact is that as we age we will have these things happen if we don’t do anything about it.  But you have the ability to gain muscle and keep your bone density from decreasing.  The key is to lift weights.  Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.  Neglect your body and the opposite will be the outcome.


So now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you a simple way to get started.  You can do this at home or at a gym.  Do whatever will motivate you and will make it easiest for you to stick to this plan.  Do a brisk walk or a stationery bike for about 5 minutes to get the blood and oxygen flowing to the muscles to prepare them for movement. A warm up is extremely important to prevent injury.  Next stretch the areas you start working on.  So if you decide you will start with arms, stretch them first.


You can use barbells, dumbbells, or weight machines, although some people start with rubber bands. Body weight exercises, or calisthenics, can be good, but the main thing is to ask your muscles to do more than they are used to. Start out with light weights until you learn the exercise and have the proper form.  Work up to a weight that tires your muscles after 10 or 12 repetitions, Don’t go so light that you don’t challenge your muscles or too heavy that you can’t maintain good technique. The rule-of-thumb is under 6 reps for maximum strength, 8-12 for building muscle and some strength, and over 15 for muscular endurance Women will use less weight and more reps to achieve a leaner, toned physique. 


. . Yes, you do want to build muscle. Remember that most of your arm that isn't muscle is fat. The reality is that you can't get strong without sufficient muscle. Do it gradually.  Write out a plan to follow and write down the progress of weight as you go along. You can do a few exercises for each muscle group.


For example, 2 separate exercises for, chest, back, legs, abdominals, shoulders, biceps and triceps.  I strongly recommend that you do your research and find a good instructional DVD or hire a personal trainer to teach you proper form and how to perform each exercise in the safest and most efficient way.


When you begin to feel the results of a weight-training program, you will love the way you feel and look. Make sure you get a doctor’s approval before starting any exercise program.  He or She can tell you what exercises you may need to avoid or what they feel would benefit you most to incorporate into your routine. The program you choose depends on your level of fitness, time schedule and level of enthusiasm.  Join a group or ask a friend to join you for support.  Live healthy.




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