Here are a few rules to help you get A’s in your e-learning classes. First, you will need a high speed internet connection – cable, DSL, fiber optic. Dial up is sloooooowwwww. Next, if you are on the go, you can even take your lessons with you. Transfer them to a portable media player such as Microsoft Zune HD, Apple iPod. Even a Smart Phone – Motorola’s Droid or Apple iPhone will do the trick. Here are some sites to get you started with your e-learning adventure:

Youtube.com – user generated “channel” and content from top universities.

Researchchannel.com – a consortium of leading research and academic institutions share more than 3,500 videos.

academicearth.com – video lectures from the world’s top scholars, from Yale University and more!

Videolectures.net – video lectures from distinguised scholars and scientists, conferences, seminars and workshops.