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Your Guide to Local Events

Ashville Flower Festival

Join us to celebrate the silver anniversary of Festival of Flowers. Breathtaking blooms carpet our gardens, from blossoms by the thousands to acres of azaleas. America's largest home joins the party with live music and unique floral displays accenting it magnificent decor. And the opening of our new Antler Hill Village offers more Biltmore than ever so you can wine, dine, and play all day in our Blue Ridge Mountain backyard. Visit now to discover all that's new!

Herald spring at Biltmore with acres of blooms to boost your spirits and more Biltmore to enjoy than ever with our new Antler Hill Village.

Join us for the silver anniversary of our celebration of Biltmore’s gardens. It was 25 years ago when Biltmore’s owner, William A. V. Cecil, decided that the gardens of Darwin Hybrid tulips were too beautiful not to share. Biltmore’s first Festival of Flowers in 1985 included those showy tulips throughout the estate and stylized in a carpet of fresh flowers flanking the front door.

This year, look for tulips in French-style arrangements, a recreation of the fresh flower carpet from 1985, and notice the fleur de lis pattern—a symbol of the iris, the 25th anniversary flower—in urns, containers, and pattern beds.

During our celebration, enjoy live music daily in the Winter Garden and in the Conservatory. On weekends, our horticulture professionals are in the Walled Garden to answer your gardening questions. Savor special menus in our restaurants, and the 2010 Festival of Flowers wines at the Winery.

For Biltmore information, call 800-411-3812 or 828-225-1333.

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