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Your Guide to Local Events

Austin Events Concerts in the Park, Blues on the Green and Bats!

The Hartman Foundation "Concerts in the Park"

Through Aug 23, 2009

Families are invited to enjoy the original kind of live music before electric guitars and amps.


Blues on the Green

Through Aug 12, 2009

On alternate Wednesdays, free music from some of Austin's best musicians fills the summer night from an outdoor stage.


KGSR's Unplugged At the Grove

Through Sept 24, 2009

Join acoustic musicians each Thursday at Shady Grove for "Unplugged at the Grove.


Bat Watching

Through Nov 1, 2009

The 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats that live beneath the Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge take flight in a mass exodus each night at dusk.


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