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Your Guide to Local Events

Austin Holiday Events

Shop’n and Rock’n
Keep Austin Bizarre Art. Jewelry. 60 live shows. 100 vendors.
Palmer 11 - 11 pm
December 11 - 23

Radio City Christmas Spectacular
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is the #1 live holiday production in the world and has been a cherished part of holiday family traditions for generations. Straight from the great stage of Radio City Music Hall, the scope and scale of this new production of The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is going to raise the bar for live family entertainment,” said Jonathan Hochwald, executive vice president, Productions, MSG Entertainment. “We look forward to bringing the spirit and warmth of our holiday production to more people than ever before with the largest traveling Christmas celebration ever created.”
Info: (512) 471-7744
Cost: $25, $49, $72
Tickets: (866) 443-8849

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