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Local Events for Las Cruces, New Mexico

We have gathered upcoming events in Las Cruces, New Mexico that we think you may enjoy. If you have an upcoming event that you feel Best Boomer Towns readers may find useful, contact us about it today!

Las Cruces, New Mexico 2013 Events, Cowboy Days and More!

Many exciting events to choose from in Las Cruces, from Cowboy Days to Wine Festivals! This culturally rich city with a vibrant community knows how to entertain its residents!


Las Cruces Events, NM Sunset Stroll, Downtown Ramble and Summer Full Moon

Sunset Stroll at White Sands National Monument - Open daily year-round. Begins one hour before sunset. A leisurely one-hour ranger-guided walk. Experience sunset over the white sands and see the plants and animals of the dune field. A photographer’s delight.


Las Cruses’ Spring Cultural Events

In a city filled with such strong culture it’s no wonder the events that take place in it surround the Arts and Crafts of the city.  There are multiple events that take place at the local theatre and an artists workshop to participate in at the Cultural Center.


Las Cruces Events

Big Daddy’s Outdoor Market, Downtown Ramble, Fort Selden State Monument “Period Cooking Demonstrations”