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Local Events for Paso Robles, California

We have gathered upcoming events in Paso Robles, California that we think you may enjoy. If you have an upcoming event that you feel Best Boomer Towns readers may find useful, contact us about it today!

Paso Robles 2010 Fall Events

Fall is in the air! Paso Robles has many fall events as the air turns crisper and carving pumpkins are on our minds. One can’t miss event is the Fall Harvest Wine Festival October 15 - 17


Paso Robles and the Upcoming Events

With some of the widest variety of activities, Paso Robles has something for everyone’s interest.  Food and Wine Festivals, Spa Days, Live Music and so much more. 


Paso Robles Holidays

Christmas Light Parade, Victorian Teddy Bear Tea and Firestone Vineyard Holiday Open House