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California Central Coast Eco-Friendly Green Companies

Here are three Eco friendly companies near Camarillo, CA, two of them hiring


Deckers Outdoor Corporation, Goleta, CA

337 Employees

Deckers makes comfortable footwear such as Teva, Simple Shoes and Ugg

Casual dress, subsidized gym memberships, recyling centers and fleet of bicyles.



Patagonia, Ventura, CA

1,400 Employees

Outdoor apparel company. a run and bike trail to the ocean. Employees encouraged

to take advantage of the waves. Dedicated to wind energy, recyling and on site organic cafe.

As of May 2009 hiring numerous positions.


Redspin, Carpinteria, CA

15 Employees

Security audits for banks and corporations. Twice weekly workouts, four weeks vacation, commitment to

Heal the Bay. Office is 200 yards from legendary Rincon surf break.

As of May 2009 hiring security engineers

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