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Athens, GA

Athens, Georgia

  • Population: 108,222
  • Cost of Living: Lower than average.
  • Rain: 49.7 inches
  • Snow: Less than 1 inch
  • January High: 52 - January Low: 32
  • July High: 90 - July Low: 69

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ATHFEST Music and Arts Festival 2018 in Athens

The AthFest Music and Arts Festival takes place in historic downtown Athens, GA, showcasing more than 100 bands on three free outdoors stages and a Club Crawl Friday and Saturday nights spanning 14 Athens music venues.

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Athens, Georgia Details

Home to The University of Georgia the area offers lots of activities, including symphonies at the performing arts center, sporting events, road shows, Broadway productions, and well-known guest speakers. A four season climate, lower costs and a college campus attract retirees to this vibrant Georgia town.

The spotlight of the city is the college which is in the center of town, drawing students internationally and providing a global environment.

The charming town is filled with restaurants, clubs, galleries, newsstands, coffee shops, and weaver Ds, known for its collard greens and as the unofficial lunch spot of rock legends REM. Long a musical hub, Athens boasts a vibrant music scene that began gaining international recognition in the late 70s. Bands such as REM and the B-52s rose to the top during the 80s as other bands perfected their talents in area clubs.

Athens allows easy access for weekend getaways, either to mountains or the beaches. In addition, the area has a military base, Navy Supply Corps School, with a commissary and exchange.

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Sales Tax

7% (state 4%, city and county 3%), groceries are exempt.

Income Exemptions

or residents age 62 and older, retirement income up to $15,000 is not taxed. Up to $4000 of earned income can be included in the $15,000. There is no tax on Social Security, interest on US obligations or railroad retirement income.

Estate Tax

Georgia does not levy estate tax on inheritances resulting from deaths after Jan. 1, 2005.


The Athens area has more than 86 houses of worship representing 17 denominations, including Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Islamic.


The community is home to the University of Georgia and satellite campuses of Gainesville College, Piedmont College, Old Dominion University and Athens Technical College. Affiliated with Elderhostel, Learning in Retirement (LIR) in Athens ( from September through may offers daytime courses such as strength training, medieval and renaissance papacy, French bistro cooking and computer skills/ LIR year round offers bridge, quilting and conversational French plus summer activities and a travel/study program with day trips.

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