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Boomer Knit Nights in Tucson

Boomer Knit Nights in Tucson

Any lovers of needles and yarn out there? If so, follow me to a knit night here in Tucson. From the funky new patterns to the young urban professionals gathering at these sessions – you’ll see that knitting is a popular winter pastime in the Old Pueblo. 

I got back into knitting after a 35-year plus hiatus, and after I moved to Tucson. I am still getting my feet wet in this wonderful craft, and a local store named Kiwi Knitting Company has certainly been there with encouragement and materials to inspire me.

Kiwi Knitting, located in the Sam Hughes neighborhood near the corner of Tucson Blvd. and 6th, is a wonderful place for knitters and crocheters to meet up and exchange ideas with fellow crafters. Knit nights are held on Mondays. There’s plenty of parking in the front and back of the store. If you’re a member of the Kiwi Club (check online for membership info) the nights are free. If you’re just browsing, the fee is $4 (and please call for a reservation). At each gathering participants share projects, participate in special knit-a-longs for local charities, or just socialize and knit with other crafters.

The owner of Kiwi Knitting and her staff are caring and fun people who love what they do.  Lynn, the owner, is a boomer who has been knitting for years. She moved to Tucson just a couple of years ago, and now creates a welcoming environment in her shop, where individuals come to share time with those equally as enthusiastic about their crafts. 

Knit nights give you time to browse patterns, explore richly textured yarns and then sit awhile with your treasures. You can expect great varieties of new yarns that can change with each season. I enjoy walking in to those knit nights when there are boxes waiting to be coded and a colorful assortment of new skiens already on the shelves. Lately I’m drawn to new “vege” yarn, full of eco-friendly benefits, in lots of gorgeous colors. The colors and textures of beautiful Italian yarns also catch my eye.  At knit night usually the group will give you ideas about what to make with fibers of your choice.

Kiwi knit night is conducted in the cozy back room, complete with comfortable couch, chairs and table. A kitchen area allows us to set up snacks during the evening. Kiwi Knitting itself is a sizeable shop with several show rooms, each containing wonderful examples of knitted wonders to peak interest. In addition to my favorite “vege” room there is one full of lovely cottons for children sweaters and socks, a main room with wonderful Japanese, alpaca and decorator yarns, and a library area with needles, books, magazines, buttons and fabulous crafter equpment. There are always wonderful projects displayed throughout the shop to give new knitters like myself inspiration.

At Kiwi knit night I take time to watch the work of the more experienced knitters, and I learn a new technique, called the long-tail cast on. The comarderie of the group helps me build confidence, at the same time falling in love with knitting all over again! Kiwi owner Lynn also talks me through very simple directions for a quick-knit shawl crafted exclusively with a garter stitch.

I’ll let you know how it turns out. Better yet – come to a knit night at Kiwi Knitting and I’ll show you!

Kiwi Knitting Company
E. 6th Street, Tucson, AZ

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