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Bikin’ Betties in Austin

Bikin' Betties is a ladies-only bike ride on Monday nights. It's a great way to meet fellow female cyclists, get a bit of a workout, learn awesome bike routes around our city, and become more skilled and confident on our bikes. Anyone who gender identifies as a woman is welcome.

These are no-drop rides, meaning no one gets left behind. We'll ride anywhere from 8 to 20 miles, and we'll end at a bar/restaurant/coffee shop where we can hang out, drink some dranks, and talk about how bad-ass we are.

Some weeks we'll ride more miles than others, and the routes will vary in intensity, some being easy, no-hill cruises and some being long, challenging rides. The type of ride is described each week in the event details.

We start and end at a new place each week, but every Monday we meet at 8 o'clock, socialize for a minute, then wheels down at 8:20.

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