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Fabulous Fermentation in Fort Collins

Do you love any of these tasty fermented foods? Are you aware that fermented foods are an excellent source of probiotics and have been shown to help improve your health by doing everything from strengthening your immune system to providing energy, to boosting your mood? Did you know that many of the most popular ones are simple and easy to prepare at home? For a demonstration on how to make some of easiest and most popular fermented foods at home, taught by Herbalist & Nutritionist Sarah Josey,of Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary .
Stop paying $3 a bottle for kombucha at the store and start making it yourself.

What You'll Learn:

The difference between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation and which ones are which (and why you should care!!)
How to make your own Sauekraut
How to make your own lacto-fermented pickles and vegetables
How to grow your own Kombucha

Not only will we talk about these different foods, we will taste them too!

In this hands-on class you will get to see for yourself how easy it is to make these foods on your own, and at the end you'll get to take home a starter culture and instructions for each of the ferments we talk about in class.

To Register:

Pre-registration is required. Please call or stop by the store to sign up 24 hours in advance (this is so we can have enough time to prepare materials for everyone) Cost is $45 per person.

Thursday July 31st 6pm

Learn more at:


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