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Fort Collins Spring Canyon Community Park

If you haven't visited the brand new Spring Canyon Community Park in Fort Collins then you are missing out.  The 100-acre park is loaded with facilities including the largest playground I have ever seen...I mean it is breathtaking when you first see it.  If you have kids then this is a must see park and I'll guarantee it will become their favorite place to go.

I made my first visit last week and have since gone back again.  Not only is the playground called Inspiration Playground stellar, but unlike too many parks this one has a restroom at the playground...and it has kid sized toilets and sinks.   The playground is universally accessible for people of all abilities.

There actually are more facilities than the playground. There are ballfields, lighted tennis and basketball courts, sidewalks, trails, covered picnic shelters, dog park, skate park, ample parking, and lots of open area.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate this a solid 10!  Finally a park done right.  To get there just take Horsetooth Road west all the way till it ends and the park is on the right...believe me you can't miss it.

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