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Happy New Year Austin

Austin is hopping this time of year!  While much of the country is dealing with snow blizzards, record low temps and downright gnarly driving conditions Austinite’s are merely business as usual with its mild weather and hubbub of happenings.  Austin rang in the New Year with lots of fireworks and outdoor festivities culminating with the burning of 34 foot, intricately carved wooden clock at Auditorium Shores on Town Lake.  This “burning” of something tangible signified the passing of time - as in 365 days of time!  Time does seem to burn up fast, but there is not a minute to waste in this city because Austin never slows down when it comes to fitness.

With the holidays come a lot of parties, but no worries about Austinite’s packing on the extra pounds - young, old and in-between take to the trails,
the water via kayaks and canoes, and the bike paths with a vigorous determination.  Not a hint of the bad economy out on the fitness trails - the exercise and the mild weather make the grim financial news a little less insufferable in Austin. 

The economy in Austin is still experiencing less of a downturn, or at least a slower paced one than other areas of the country.  Housing prices have fallen,
as well as new home starts, but the rate is far below the national average which speaks to the continued growth of the Austin population as many still desire to relocate to this fascinating cultural and musical mecca, with its boundless sunshine.  If the energy exuding from this city doesn’t lure you
in the abundance of restaurants and the entertainment will.  Look for highlights from both in next month’s blog!

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