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Pinehurst Delivers World Class Golf for Boomers

Pinehurst Delivers World Class Golf for Boomers

Pinehurst North Carolina conjures up immediate thoughts of world class golf courses and championship competitions. The famed Pinehurst Resort has hosted the U.S. Men's Open Championship once in 1999 and again in 2005. The Pine Needles Resort has hosted the Ladies U.S. Open Championships three times; 1996, 2004 and 2007. Further, it was recently announced that in 2014 the Pinehurst Resort is scheduled to accomplish what has never been done before; host both Men's and Ladies' United States Championships in back to back weeks on the same course venue. In this case, the Pinehurst #2 course is the chosen course. With all included, this promises to be an unforgettable golf fortnight for players and spectators alike.

So ... attention all golf minded BOOMERS, if you want the opportunity to follow in the footsteps and hit the same shots, or attempt to hit the same shots, that the world's best players hit --- Pinehurst North Carolina is the place to visit. Pinehurst is truly a place where the average player can play the same courses that the world's top players often play.

Pinehurst North Carolina is quietly located even distance between the western North Carolina Rocky Mountains and the eastern Atlantic Ocean shores. The geographical area is called the Carolina piedmont area and often affectionately referred to as the Sandhills Region.

Pinehurst is also known as a "mid-south" location. Looking on a map you'll notice Pinehurst is almost exactly "midway" between the upper eastern United States and lower eastern United States. This "mid-south" aspect lends to Pinehurst having seasonal weather patterns but in a very mild sense. Nothing too extreme like the heat and humidity of the south or bone chilling cold days as in northern regions. Best said, Pinehurst offers a "mid-way" climate.

Pinehurst is truly a mecca for golf minded boomers; world class facilities, plenty of friends to share golf time and stories with, and year round playing due to the mild climate.

But keep in mind, Pinehurst is not limited to being a golf mecca. The Pinehurst area (as well as the neighboring Southern Pines, Whispering Pines, and Seven Lakes areas) offers a very rich and diverse menu of lifestyles opportunities. Tennis, equestrian, croquet, the arts, antiquing are just a few of the opportunities enjoyed by Pinehurst visitors and residents. The Pinehurst area is truly worth the visit whether you're looking for an active weekend retreat or a new location to call home. As it is said in Pinehurst; come for a visit - and you may end up staying for a lifetime.

For more information on visiting or relocating to the Pinehurst North Carolina area we at Andrews and Tepatti Real Estate will be glad to be your first introduction to the area. If we don't know the answers to your questions, or can't support your plans to visit - we'll put you in touch with someone that can.

James Tepatti, Broker - Owner of Andrews and Tepatti Real Estate


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