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The Voice of Austin

About Three and a half years ago our family of four moved from Brussels, Belgium to Austin, Texas.  After five years of European living Texas was definitely a “culture shock,” however the atmosphere in Austin carries its own unique, laid back, music lovin’ personality making it an intriguing city.  Some would say it rivals the go with-the-flow living found in certain parts of Europe but Austin is its own entity there is no place like it anywhere.  This eclectic city has a vibrant downtown that offers snippets of the hippie era and pieces of haute couture, rounding itself out to a smorgasbord offering for the all the ages. The young college students from UT enjoy the dynamic collection of bars with a diverse array of musical talents, the 30-somethings love the nouveau cuisine and all the originality that comes with keeping it local you’ll find very few chain type restaurants in Austin and finally the boomers, they find their pace speed up and slow down to the beat as they see fit and stay fit they do, thanks to the miles of trails circling Lady Bird Lake which sits right in the heart of the action.  Austin strives to appeal to all walks of life while managing to keep the atmosphere of the city low-key, but at the same time it exudes a bustling, innovative persona and is ready to catch the next wave a perfect environment for Baby Boomers who want a retirement with some zing!

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