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What Makes Tucson Special?

What Makes Tucson Special?

There are many reasons why my husband and I selected Tucson as the place to live, work and play in our boomer years. The decision involved the natural beauty of these mountain ranges and desert canyons. It was influenced by Tucson's frontier heritage, its nearby wide open spaces, its array of social, cultural and recreational services and its superb, healthy quality of life.

When we discovered Tucson, we uncovered an experience that was rich in big city amenities set within a small town atmosphere. We felt Tucson communities reflected the best of southwest living with varying architectural styles and neighborhood settings. And beyond good housing, Tucson had the draw of a fabulous climate where year-round we could enjoy an outdoor lifestyle - whether that meant a visit to a pine-topped national forest, or to a hike along an historic trail, or to enjoy biking, golfing or watching baseball. In Tucson we can sit outside on a café patio, enjoying a nice farm-fresh local foods dinner with friends, watching the best sunsets in the world.

OK, I admit it -- I'm a Tucson enthusiast. Living in Tucson has meant a lifestyle enhanced by magnificent natural surroundings and an opportunity to learn about our country's diverse Southwest culture, heritage and arts.

I'll be posting about the wonderful array of nature, arts, cultures, recreation, foods and communities in Tucson on the Best Boomer Towns Tucson blog. For now, here are a few resources give you a taste of Tucson:

• Opening act. Arts your scene? Here is a link to learn about the variety of exhibits, performances or special events, from Cinco de Mayo to Mariachi extravaganzas and the Gem Show:

• Downtown treat. I love downtown experiences. Go to this site to get details about Old Pueblo small downtown city life:

• Western fun. Cowboy Americana is important to me, and here is a website to learn more about Tucson's rodeo parade:

• Wildflowers and Dark Skies! There is spectacular nature around Tucson. Here are links to just one local national park: and to the Kitt Peak Observatory:

• Food stuff. Here is a link to a network of local, independent restaurants:

• Native Treasures. On the Tohono O'odham Reservation, on a rugged road about one hour outside of Tucson, the hearty in spirit can discover the strong roots of Tucson's Native American heritage at this museum: You must check if the museum is open before you visit. It is worth the trek. (I'll post again about our visit to this museum.)

• Neighborhood Watch: There are so many interesting residential communities in Tucson - too many links to name them all! I'll be posting neighborhood profiles, so please continue to watch this column for specific communities. For now, here is a link to Tucson Home Magazine:

Contact me if you have a particular interest in Tucson! I'd love to become a network that helps you achieve your boomer dreams.





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